Ways to free up storage space on your iPhone

The iPhone is a popular device because of the amazing features and applications with next. However, it is likely to face storage problems because applications can easily fill the available memory. Luckily, you can take steps to ensure that you always have some space so found to be most important for you. You can easily delete files with different software and tools, but you can also take steps small, but useful to continue enjoying your iPhone. Here is how you can control your storage space.

1. check the use – this should be what to do first so that you are aware of applications occupying most of the space in the phone memory. You can do it easily when you open the application “Settings”. Go to General, application, and storage management. You will have clear information about the space used and available free space and a list of applications that you have space they are using.

2. internal gauge downloads of applications, the fact is that it is possible that a small application store many files there to occupy a large space. When looking at storage, look at the size of the application as well as the amount of data in it. By clicking on the icon in the section “Manage storage”, you should be able to check the size of the application and downloads has.

3. remove games without using – although most gaming applications are usually small, others may take much space when they include graphics in 3D. They can take more than 1 GB. To free up that space, delete games that has bored or not already play. This can be done easily by tapping specific applications. You can always download the again from iTunes if you have thirsty future play again while the results will be lost.

4 get rid of old videos and podcasts, which are others guilty of storage space. They add up quickly, but you can always delete the old ones easily taking into account that the application of podcast of Apple sorts in terms of which played from the bottom of each list. Simple move of podcasts and video applications will make it possible to eliminate the unwanted.

5 set of messages that expire automatically – not many people know this is possible, but it really is. If you have 8 iOS, you can set messages to automatically delete. It is a process easier in comparison to manually remove the old threads. You can select a time frame you feel is best for you as 30 days. Still in this Council, you can adjust audio and video in your storage duration messages. The adjustment is to eliminate them after given time allocation.

6. avoid the sequence of photo – current synchronized to measure up to 1,000 photos through automatically stores iOS devices twice. Therefore, it is important to turn off simply scroll to the option of “camera and” under “Settings” and toggle the “My photo Stream” area.

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