IPhone tricks 3 ways to recover deleted text messages

What to do when you delete an important message on your iPhone? The last thing to do is to worry since there are many ways to recover the message. Here are 3 of the most effective ways:

Recover from iCloud

If your phone supports messages, you will have an easy time recovering in iCloud. To confirm if your message is in iCloud must login to the site with your ID and password and Apple.

You must click on text messages and see available messages. If your message is there you must return to your iPhone and turn off text messages.

You will see a pop-up window and you should select, “keep on my iPhone”. Then you must return to your text messages and click on “Fusión.” Wait a few minutes and you can have your message deleted in your phone.

Recover from iTunes

If you synchronize your phone to the computer you have some backup messages in iTunes. To recover them, you must connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. When your iPhone appear to select it and click on “Restore backup”.

All posts by backup are copied to the phone. While this method is great and easy, deletes all data that you had no backup.

Use third-party software programs

Unless your messages have been overwritten, you can retrieve them. If you’ve tried the above two methods and still can’t get their messages to delete, it is time you use third-party tools.

There are many tools on the market that can be used and all you need to do is investigate and find the right for you. To have an easy time you should begin by downloading the software on your computer and connect your iPhone to your computer.

To prepare your phone for data restore, you must send your iPhone in DFU mode. For this purpose it is necessary to hold the home and power buttons at the same time. You must for 10 seconds and then release the power button but continue holding the home button for 10 seconds more.

The next thing you have to do is scan your iPhone for lost messages. Some of the software programs will automatically scan the phone while others require to cause manually. After the scan, you will see all your deleted messages. You must select the message of interest and transfer them to your iPhone.


Here are 3 ways to recover deleted messages. To have an easy time recovering data and saving money regularly must support your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud.

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